Vape Education

17 Jan 2023

How a lack of understanding, and clear information around vaping is costing lives



I challenge you to get through a day without seeing someone using a vape. As the rates of smoking continue to fall in England, vaping amongst adults has remained stable across the country with well over 90% of these being ex-smokers, according to research from King’s College London. 


Despite such staggering high numbers of vapers, what remains a challenge for us are the doubts, concerns and uncertainties surrounding the vaping industry. Eye-catching headlines pointing to the dangers of the colourful, flavoursome vapes encouraging youth access, their damaging environmental impact but most importantly, “how bad vapes are for you” has unsurprisingly resulted in, through no fault of their own, a nation of sceptics. Insights from the King’s College London report reveal that among adult smokers, 38% thought vapes were equally harmful and another 15% believed vaping to be more harmful than smoking resulting in a sector tainted with misconceptions around vaping and the use of nicotine.


Copious amounts of research point to how vaping helps people to stop smoking but why isn’t that reflected and why is there still doubt on the health impact of vapes with many smokers still cautious to make the transition? 


The Government’s objective is for England to be smoke-free by 2030 – in other words, a 5% or less smoking population. There are various ways for the country to reach this target, one of them being promoting vaping as an effective tool to help people quit smoking tobacco. Smoking kills, vaping doesn’t. The world around us is changing rapidly, fuelled by the increasing availability and access to information. The more we know, the better our choices – and social conscience which will result in happier, healthier lives. 


It is a simple solution; ‘education, education, education’. We are excited by the challenge facing us here at Plxsur where our purpose is clear: to shape the vaping movement and save the lives of those impacted by smoking. This starts with education. Together, we are sitting on decades of sector experience ready to be leveraged to address the unfortunate misinformation around vaping. We believe in an evidence-led approach founded on scientific research to educate smokers on the harm reduction potential of vapes and, most importantly, reach those smokers who want to quit, empowering them to make well informed choices. 

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