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We have a responsibility to set standards, shape futures and save lives – and to do so sustainably.

Our mission is fortified by four pillars: Safeguarding the Environment; Building People, Purpose and Culture; Delivering safe, innovative products; Acting responsibly and ethically.

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Set standards. Shape futures. Save lives.

Our Core Pillars

Our four pillars support us as we drive forward our movement to empower consumers, encourage positive choices, and ensure we are a force for good in society.

We established these priorities by undertaking a thorough materiality assessment, assessing global trends in the sector, benchmarking ourselves with industry peers, reviewing worldwide regulations, and listening to our internal and external stakeholders. Drawing all these aspects together, we have formed a comprehensive sustainability strategy that guides us on our journey to building the world’s largest responsible vaping company.

Safeguarding the Environment

  • It is our responsibility to protect the world, by doing all we can to reduce our environmental impact and reverse the effects of climate change.


  • Consumers continue to choose disposable products despite the greater cost to themselves and the planet. At Plxsur, we are committed to countering the disposal culture. We recognise that education is the foundation of change, and thus we tirelessly endeavour to educate consumers about the vital importance of recycling and responsible waste management.


  • As a global company, we understand the far-reaching consequences of our carbon footprint. That is why we are dedicated to supporting the critical fight against climate change, while simultaneously embarking on a journey to minimise our environmental impact through the power of innovation and circular solutions. Collaborating closely with our diverse businesses, we are propelling the wheels of R&D within our industry, unearthing materials and designs that seamlessly facilitate the recycling, reusing, or repurposing of every facet of our e-cigarettes – from single-use plastics to lithium batteries.

Building People, Purpose and Culture

  • Plxsur would be nothing without the people across our businesses. They are more than just our people: they are our partners. 


  • We believe in the power of one. As a fully integrated group of companies we have a louder voice and collectively, we can champion a positive future for society.


  • We recognise that a diverse business is a stronger business, and that we still have a lot of work to do. Ensuring diversity and inclusion among all genders, ethnicities, perspectives and minds is an integral part of Plxsur’s ethos and philosophy. We are committed to building an equal, inclusive and collaborative culture. Within this, the health, safety and wellbeing of all our partners, whether they be employees, suppliers or wider stakeholders, will always be prioritised.


  • As a unified global entity, we value the wealth of insights, ideas and inspirations that emanate from across borders and continents. When woven together, these threads possess the extraordinary potential to redefine the future of the vaping sector.

Delivering Safe, Innovative Products

  • Our mission is anchored in a fundamental principle: empowering adult smokers to make the switch to vaping. This hinges on our unflinching commitment to delivering products that exemplify the highest standards of safety, quality and innovation. In regions where regulatory frameworks are still evolving, we pledge to reinforce the most stringent measures together with our businesses and their stakeholders.


  • We recognise that knowledge is power – and with that understanding, we are dedicated to highlighting credible, evidence-backed information through our marketing endeavours. Armed with this, we seek to empower adult smokers, guiding them toward informed choices.


  • Ensuring that our products never find their way into the hands of minors will always remain an unwavering priority at Plxsur. Guided by this principle, we work to fortify the barriers to prevent underage access. We are devoted to safeguarding the welfare of our consumers, and helping adult smokers make a positive change to their lives. 



Acting Responsibly and Ethically 

  • We strive to be a voice of advocacy. 


  • In a constantly evolving regulatory environment, we are determined to collaborate with policymakers to ensure there is clear, consistent, and effective regulation in place to advance the vaping sector. 


  • We will forge partnerships across the industry that allow us to  engage with key stakeholders, including NGOs, governments, regulators and charities. Through these partnerships, we seek to foster an environment where collaborative wisdom leads the way, driving forward the mission of responsible vaping.


  • Regulatory compliance is not just an expectation, but a non-negotiable mandate for our affiliates, and it is our collective duty to uphold these elevated standards. When it comes to our business, we understand the importance of operating with transparency, and will ensure visibility across our supply chain, so that we act responsibly and ethically at all times.

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