Purpose & Strategy
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We are building the world’s largest vaping company.

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Our strategy

We are a unified group of leading vaping businesses spread across the globe and industry verticals. Bringing together market leaders, we have a collective larger voice in this fragmented market, shaping the direction and future of the vaping sector.

Our companies have

Route-to-market leadership

Exceptional capability and management drive

Complementary products with the potential to deliver revenue & cost synergies

Outstanding vape products, rooted in scientific innovation and sustainability

Align with our values and operate in geographies with appropriate regulation

Agility and consumer centric

Strong brands and multi channel presence & manufacturing capabilities

Track record of delivering strong revenue and profit growth together with cash conversion

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Building a fully vertically integrated group of companies gives us greater visibility and credibility to help drive greater attention to the issues that matter most in our sector, and to be the force for positive change.

We follow a meticulous approach to integrating our businesses – our goal is to unlock synergies across Plxsur’s brands and accelerate our mission to build the world’s largest responsible vaping company.

Through our dynamic, international portfolio of brands, we have the ability to develop and test innovative forms of vaping products, and we are firmly dedicated to providing factual information acquired through rigorous scientific assessment.

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