Chief Technological Officer

Chris Lord

Chris Lord is a successful angel investor and entrepreneur who built and sold two tech and medicinal companies over four years with a combined exit value of over $170million. Chris, alongside David Newns then went on to found and fund several other businesses

Following completion of an Aeronautical Engineering degree at the University of Manchester, Chris built and ran a small engineering company ELAP MOBILITY which designs and manufactures vehicular access and driving adaptations for disabled drivers and passengers. This provided Chris an invaluable and rapid introduction to product design and testing and led him to become the most prolific inventor in the UK (2019/2020) with more patents filed in his name than any other individual in the UK totalling over 800.

An angel investor, Chris has advised and helped capitalise over 30 entrepreneur-founded businesses. These include some of the country’s most promising, positive impact startups, such as Super Awesome, an innovative child protection software company, which sold in 2021 to Fornite creator, Epic Games.

Chief Financial Officer

Sabrina Mc Laughlin

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